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How It Works


just type want you want!

yotlist is designed for simplicity of use. No multiple drop down menus, no spending precious time navigating through a tedious amount of options and search criteria before you can find your next boat. Just type what you want and the clever bits do their work behind the scenes to find your best match.


If you're looking for a Beneteau 50, just type "Beneteau 50".


If you looking for all the Riviera 45's in Sydney, just type " Riviera 45 Sydney"



the service

yotlist is a new type of boating listing service specifically designed with brokers in mind.

yotlist is about simplicity, ease of use and most importantly about reducing the cost of listing your boats on the web. Unlike other listing sites, is free to join and there are no ongoing monthly subscription charges. You are free to upload as many boats as you wish all free of charge.